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CareMithra Family Clinic

Located at Ambalanagar, Kowdiar, Trivandrum, CareMithra Family Clinic is a novel Primary Care centre developed as a model in the private secto, providing the following services.

Medical Consultations

The clinic provides offline and online consultations from a number of specialist doctors spanning specialties accross the spectrum.

Home Visit

Homecare is the hallmark service of CareMithra and is provided by a team comprising of generalist doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians arriving in a well equipped ambulance.

Laboratory Tests

The family clinic provides full specturm of laboratory tests, X-ray and ECG services and also home smaple collection services by well trained technicians.

Pharmacy Services

We have a full fledged pharmacy with home delivery services. Sbmit your prescription and have the medicines home delivered sooner than you can buy locally.

Vision & Mission

Under the leadership of Dr. Anoop Lal, globally renowned Public Health and Preventive Medicine Specialist and Sustainable Healthcare Consultant, CareMithra envisages to bring quality primary care to every home of India. For this we use cutting edge technologies to make healthcare accessible and affordable to all.

CareMithra Doctor
CareMithra Telemedicine

Value Added Services

Preventive Consulting

Prevention is Better than Cure. The best way to ensure health is by intervening in advance.

Claims Advocacy

Having health insurance and not getting claims is a common trouble we can help you with.

Longevity Program

Advances in Genomic Medicine can help extend life beyond the expected normal.

Corporate CareMithra

A company is a bigger family, to whom we provide tailormade care packages.


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Mon – Sat: 9AM – 07PM
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Ambalanagar, Kowdiar PO,  Trivandrum, India – 695003