We live in an age where heart disease remains a leading cause of mortality especially within our very own Kerala, let alone globally. One of the numerous possible explanations for this is the excessive consumption of coconut oil within the state, which can raise LDL “bad” cholesterol levels in the body. Nonetheless, this indicates that proactive measures for maintaining cardiovascular health are crucial. As a healthcare clinic dedicated to the well-being of our patients, we are excited to announce the launch of our new heart risk calculator (HRC) on our website. This innovative tool, which we have developed based on guidelines provided by the American College of Cardiology and Indian Heart Association, empowers users to take the opportunity of assessing their heart health and making informed lifestyle decisions.

Understanding Heart Risk: Cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attacks and strokes, often stem from a combination of genetic predisposition and modifiable risk factors. These include high blood pressure (hypertension), cholesterol levels, use of tobacco products, obesity, diabetes, physical inactivity, and stress. Identifying these risks early on and taking appropriate action is crucial for preventing heart-related complications.

Making Use of the HRC: Our heart risk calculator is a user-friendly and intuitive tool that evaluates an individual’s cardiovascular risk profile based on several factors. By inputting key information pertaining to age, family history of heart disease, lifestyle, diet, weight, smoking history, and any issues regarding blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol; individuals gain insights into their current cardiovascular health and enable them to take the initiative of mitigating potential risks.

Benefits of Using HRC:

  • Personalized Risk Assessment: The calculator generates a personalized risk score in the form of a percentage within a decadal timeframe. 0-25% indicates a low risk of acquiring heart-related disease(s). 26-50% indicates moderate risk. 51% and above indicates high risk. 
  • Early Detection: By identifying potential risk factors early on, users can take immediate action to modify their lifestyle, seek medical advice, or undergo further diagnostic tests if recommended. 
  • Education and Empowerment: Our HRC serves as a didactic tool, raising awareness on cardiovascular health and encouraging those to make informed choices about their well-being. 
  • Tailored Recommendations: Based on the risk assessment, the calculator provides listed nuggets of salubrious advice to help folks reduce their risk factors.
  • Track Progress Over Time: Users can track their progress periodically using HRC. Regular assessments allow individuals to monitor changes in their risk factors and make necessary adjustments to maintain a healthy heart.

 We encourage all to utilize this valuable resource and embark on a journey towards a healthier heart. Remember, your heart health is in your hands!

Simply click on this link to get underway: http://caremithra.com/hrc

Disclaimer: This service is subject to CareMithra Terms and Conditions. The Heart Risk Calculator provides an estimation based on the inputs provided by the user. It is not a substitute for expert evaluation and treatment. We encourage individuals to consult with healthcare professionals for personalized guidance and recommendations.

Article Credits
Dr. Anoop Lal, Medical Director, CareMithra
Rohan Panicker, Creative Writer, CareMithra